Big Changes in Store for Slideways Go Karting World Pimpama’s Outdoor Race Track

The new pit exit lane at Slideways Go Karting World Pimpama
The new pit exit lane at Slideways Go Karting World Pimpama

A series of major changes are already underway to improve Slideways’ outdoor race track, Slideways Go Karting World at Pimpama.

With a new pit exit already in service, major works will be undertaken at several key points around the circuit, with the aim of improving racing, and smoothing out the circuit surface.

“We’ve had a massive ramp up at Slideways Go Karting Gold Coast at Nerang, and a big renovation at Slideways Go Karting Brisbane at Eagle Farm, with some major work undertaken at both of our indoor facilities, now it is time for our outdoor track at Slideways Go Karting World Pimpama to receive some love,” said Sideways Managing Director Cam Wilson.

“We have started work already, with the first improvement being an all-new pit exit.

“There are multiple benefits with this stage, particular with our Slideways Enduro Series events, where karts re-joining the track can simply free-flow back onto the circuit at the exit of turn one rather than the entry.

“It’s far safer, obviously, but the greatest benefit with the new pit exit is that it gives us the ability to run the track now in the reverse direction.

“We will only ever be doing this during our Slideways Race Days, so it is an added challenge for those competitors.

“We’ve also got some other fantastic improvements that we’ve been making the whole way around the track.

“The surface was particularly rough, initially the track was built in the early 1980s, so we have been smoothing out many of the corners, while slightly altering a few here and there.

“We’ve got a big alteration coming in over the next month, where we are actually making the track longer at the final corner leading on to the pit straight.

“The karts will now run wider around the turn, it was very steeply banked and not very conducive to good racing.

“Rather than try to smoothen that out, we’ve worked out that there are advantages to running around the outside of that turn, which will greatly improve the configuration of the track.

“Probably the most exciting change that we’ve got is to the turn 5/6/7 portion, where we are actually shortening the race track there, but with that, making it far better for racing, putting an added emphasis on the race craft of drivers.

“It will be more of a braking area into turn five, rather than the flat out turn the way it currently is.

“The track will then wind uphill through a fast S bend section, where it joins back up to the existing turn seven.

“It’s going to be very exciting, and we’re really looking forward to running some of our Slideways Race Days on the reverse direction.”

More information on Slideways Go Karting World can be found on its website.

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